Sam Lundquist is the Associate Pastor at St. John’s Presbyterian Church in the Inner Richmond. He was baptized into the drag world in 2016, and now (occasionally) performs as Joann Fabrixxx, a coupon-clipping housewife who loves QVC and a Target clearance sale.

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Michael Tate

Peter Franzi

Laurel Brechtel

Pete Clancy

Veronica Acosta

Judy Nish

Gary Richards

Nate Fitzpatrick

Seth Cover

Kathi Fastnow

Eddie Vega

Nathan Luquetta-Fish

Reed Jones

Sharon Schlundt

Mary Virginia Giglio

Sean Gibbons

Glenn DeSandre

Steve Gallagher

Janet Cluff

Laurance Burgess

Amy Kelly

Evan Vaughan

John Shrable

Douglas Curran

Sean Hannify

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