Sam Bellach is a former Phoenix, Arizona high school science teacher who ran her school’s Rainbow Club– a self-identified, student-led group of LGBTQIA+ students and allies that sought to create a safe space for mutual support and awareness of student experiences on campus.  While a teacher in Arizona, Sam began performing as a drag king, performing in events at local gay and lesbian bars to support charitable events. Sam sees drag as a way to break through confining gender-based constructions; Sam’s drag king performance is a manifestation of and defiant response to years of bullying that she encountered as part of her own experience navigating her adolescence while growing up in South Florida, which taught her that she could fight back with the joy in art and self-expression.  Sam was formerly the lead singer-songwriter of a band, Bitter Nasty, based in Phoenix, and a board member of the international Girls Rock! Camp Alliance, an international non-profit that supports girls, trans and gender expansive youth to express themselves through music as part of summer camps and programming held around the world.  Sam is so excited to be a part of this competition to support future generations of San Francisco youth, and pay homage to the drag community heroes in San Francisco!  Donate and help get Sam to the Top 5!

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