Ryan Swick

Miss Information (Ryan Swick) is so excited to have the chance to defend her title as “Queen of the Castro” this year! This is Ryan’s 5th year as a teacher at Harvey Milk, and he continues to love every second of it! In the few months leading up to the show, he wears heels into his classroom and around the school every day to spark conversations around gender and gender expression, as well as having students critically question why clothing is assigned to gender in our society. Answering questions like “Why are you wearing girl shoes?” and “Are you a girl, Mr. Swick?” has been one of the most rewarding things for him because of how these curious children have responded so positively when he explains how heels make him taller, how he needs to practice before turning it out on stage, and how clothing does not define someone’s gender. He is also a proud new member of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus, where he’s already picked up some tricks of the trade from some really awesome drag queens. Watch out for Miss Information, because the idea that anyone else could take her crown is simply fake news.

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