Rebecca and Jeff are partners in life and in costume. For the past decade they haven’t passed up an opportunity to dress up, and are now excited to take it up a notch and fundraise at the same time. A long-time advocate of public schools, Rebecca spent over decade working with districts across the country (including SFUSD) and is delighted to support the non-violence and diversity programs embraced at Harvey Milk Academy (even if it means the possibility of getting up in stage). Jeff’s an artist, musician, and all around creative guy who has no problem in front of a crowd but may find high heels more complicated than he thinks. They’re both thrilled to have the chance to partake in the time honored tradition of San Francisco drag.

Rebecca & Jeff .’s Donors

Cynthia and Doug Tapley

Sandy Randall

Jacqueline Carambat

Alexandra Ewers

Tali Horowitz

Sue Thotz

Jennifer Ehehalt

Julia Moriarty

Nobuko Hori

Linda Burch

Merve Lapus

Dana Blum

Michelle Mere

Cara Cohen

James Gassel

Andrew Davis

Gary Musser

Britt Fohrman

Emily Gillingham

Stefan Gerard

Mary Hanley

Steven Sheffield

Vivien Braly


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