Menorah Manischevitz was born in the kosher aisle of Safeway. She has emerged from the terrible twos and is now just a terrible person. She first made her appearance on June 19, 2015 at the Stud and has performed at Oasis, The Edge, Stud and her stepbrother’s bed. She is a proud member of the ducal court where she holds the title of Ms. Royal Bunny. Her secret identity is Josh Rosen, who’s in his 9th year with SFUSD where he’s working his 7th year as a special education para at AccessSFUSD: The Arc and is currently in his 5th year with the Pomeroy Recreation and Rehab Center in the Children and Teens Department. His favorite part about being an educator is the time he gets to spend with his students and making each other laugh. When out of the classroom and makeup, he enjoys traveling, puppies, nature and just spending time with loved ones.

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