Markus Barsanti, the recently crowned Prince Royale in the reigning Court of the Leather Rose, comes to the pageant with the same energy, enthusiasm, ideas, and dedication that he’s brought to the Court. Markus is an avid volunteer for RAMP, (Recycled AIDS Medicine Program). Markus has been a Kindergarten teacher at Eureka Learning Center in the Castro, for 17 years now. He was born and raised in the Bay Area, and a fixture as an employee of The End Up for nearly two decades.

Markus Barsanti’s Donors

Katherine Rose

Armin Lindegger

Sydney Leung

Jodi Gelbman


Glenn Storey

Antonio Cabral

Katie Barsanti

Kyle Levinger

Leanne Foley

Laura Miles-Banta

Kelly Fox

Lisa Caccavo

Elisa Kannegaard


Anthony Anchundo

Jackie Roush

Michael Youens

KoKo D’Amore

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