Lee Davidson is known as a chef, social entrepreneur, and an artist. They create lively experiences that connect community, support development of ideas and projects that are diverse, inclusive, and mission driven. They identify as a trans non-binary South African Israeli, and will be presenting a fluid transformative show representing the spectrum and the changes that lie in between the abstraction of what gender expression can look like. They are so excited to be able to contribute to such an honorable and important event and to be a part of the history of drag in the Castro.

Lee Davidson’s Donors

Asia Raven Bennett

Annie Shin

Linda Clemens

Cayla Sharp


Michele Levine

Erika Benton

Vivien Braly

Daniella Bensimon

Judi Townsend

Alexandra Ozeri

Sally Maki

Josh Thomas

Amanda Cohen

Virginia Tran

Danielle Meshorer


Danit Trau

Cynthia Boedihardjo


Nicola Buffa

Amy Spade

Laney Valente

Kate Sylvester

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