Eve Swallows (George Spencer) is hoping to make their drag debut in this year’s show. George is the roommate and close friend of HMCRA 3rd grade phenom, Ms. Grace. He previously worked at Starr King Elementary School as the outdoor educator and now manages the Climate Corps Education Outside program, which serves 13,000 students at 32 Bay Area elementary schools, delivering hands-on STEM lessons in outdoor garden classrooms. He is passionate about providing students with equitable services that provide access to the outdoors and nature. George spends his free time playing volleyball, swimming in the Bay, and taking care of plants. Eve Swallows takes on George’s alter ego as a seductress in the Garden of Eden.

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Andy & Mary Spencer

Naomi A.

Emily Courtney

Giselle Serafin

Katie Rogers

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S.E. Spencer (and Kevin)

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Emma Harris

Susan Guise

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Josh Thomas

Jack Li

Jessica Erickson

Tyler Harrison

Kathy Payne

Laura-Gray Street

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Shelby Armentrout

Frank Yanover

Dru M

Maddi Hartley

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Grant Heskamp

Adair Clark


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Silas Kachman

Eliza Carter


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