Derik, The Domino Diva, is new to the Drag scene and ready to take it on full swing. As a third year Physical Education teacher at HMCRA I thought this would be a fun opportunity to show my students that you really can do anything you set your mind to. As a San Francisco native, Derik has always lived a bit on the wild side. After seeing how well Miss Information did last year, the Diva had to make an appearance. Support this Diva as she works it for the money honey.

Derik Dulin’s Donors


Griffin Freitas

Karen and Lenny Caetano


Analucia Carrera


Ross and Karen Fubini

Dustin Dulin



Derik Dulin

Donna Jones-Dulin

David Dulin

Ellen Fey & family

Susan Dyer

Douglas Melton

Rosemary Antonopoulos

Sharon Stroble

Christian L Saavedra

Lamar Harris-Walker

Sam Jones


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