Christoph Droesser and Vince Russo both have a kid in first grade at HMCRA. They’re very new to the drag scene, to say the least, but will do literally anything to benefit their school. Expect some exciting live singing! They’ll be performing together as Chrissie Cologne and Tatiana Trans-Sylvania, the Rainbow Sisters!

Christoph Droesser & Vince Russo’s Donors

Laura McMullen

Catherine Bubenzer-Paim

Tina Nguyen

Pamela Sommer

Laura Griffiths


Stephen & Nelli Russo

Penelope Lin-Conrad

Quinn Kanaly

Faith Cross

Marshall Crutcher

Louis and Anja HMCRA parents

Anna Andefors

Lisa Russo

Katherine Kane

Heather and Doug Brown

David Becker

David Prowler-Perez

Sonja Schmer-Galunder

Marias Birwe

Katie Cofer

Shanan Alper

Jane Birch

Doug Birch

Angela Droesser


Sarah Cherny

Deyden Tethong

Susan Detwiler

Robert Cross

Dara Oliver

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